Starting a Hemp Bracelet

Hemp Bracelet Pattern:
How to start a hemp bracelet or necklace


Have you pick your hemp twine, cut it to size and are ready to make your hemp bracelet or necklace? Well, learning how to start a hemp bracelet is simply learning how to make the starting knot. This is incredibly simple, but it is also  incredibly important.

Why is it so important to start a hemp bracelet the correct way?

I know it may seem obvious, but it is important that I address it. The beginning knot will perform several functions that are crucial to the quality and usability of the bracelet or necklace. The most important of which are:

  • Creating a loop that is used for the latch.
  • Providing correct proportions of hemp twine for the braid.
  • Keeping the braid and thus the entire bracelet from falling apart.

Basically, the beginning knot is what makes the bracelet work as a bracelet, the braiding only provides the style and attractiveness of the bracelet (which is the ultimate goal of course), but it does very little for the integrity of the bracelet or necklace.

Don’t get overwhelmed by this and don’t stress out about the beginning knot. It is very important, but it is also very easy to do and very hard to mess up. So here we go.

There are three (3) basic steps to make the beginning knot of the hemp bracelet:

Step 1:

Find the middle of both pieces of hemp twine, line them up with each other and fold them together to make a loop.


Step 2:

Take the loop you created in step one and wrap it around itself and push it through the new loop you just created.


Step 3:

Pull the first loop gently through the second while carefully sliding the knot toward the loop making it smaller. Getting the loop the right size takes a little practice but you’ll get it right after a couple tries.


That’s it? I told you it was easy didn’t I? Now you should hopefully have something that resembles the picture in the last step and you have successfully learned how to start a hemp bracelet. If not, keep trying and you’ll get it.

When you are making the beginning knot for your hemp bracelet, try to keep in mind what you are going to use at the end of the bracelet as the other end of the latch because that will help you figure out if the knotted loop you just made it too big. You want to make sure the bracelet stays on.

I personally prefer to use a bead at the end to slip the knotted loop over, it stays on very nicely that way. You can also just tie a knot in the other end and slip the loop over. A good way to test this is to take the bead (or make a knot on a different piece of twine) and see how well it fits through the loop you just made. If it doesn’t encounter any resistance, then your loop is too big and you will have to take it out and try again.

It is best to test this out right now rather than waiting till the bracelet is almost done.

Now you know how to start a hemp bracelet. Now that you have this part down, we can start to move on to the fun and creative hemp jewelry patterns and you can show off your own handmade hemp bracelet.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out our hemp jewelry store in case you still don’t have any twine.  And, as always, please feel free to comment on this article if you have something to add, need clarification, or just want to comment.

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