Spiral Hemp Bracelet Pattern

IMG_5250Hemp Bracelet Pattern:
The spiral hemp bracelet pattern

Is the square knot hemp bracelet pattern getting boring already? Well, I don’t blame you, it is works great for beginners but if you don’t start adding beads then it gets old fast. That’s why I am going to teach you the spiral hemp bracelet pattern so you can make bracelets like the one in the picture above. And guess what, it is easier than the square knot pattern. Really.


Here we go:


IMG_5157Remember this from the square knot pattern? You should, if you do then keep reading. If you don’t then you need to go to that lesson first because you wont get the rest of this.

Step 1:

Make the braid from the square knot pattern you see in the pic.

Step 2:

Repeat, over and over again exactly the same but DO NOT ALTERNATE SIDES.

Yes, its that easy! I told you this one is easier. The trick to the spiral hemp bracelet pattern is that you make the same braid over and over again and change nothing. Practically mindless.

Ok, I take that back. This hemp bracelet pattern does have a catch. When making a basic hemp bracelet, you have to pull each braid tight with somewhat similar consistency to avoid an irregular pattern. When making a spiral hemp bracelet, you need to pay more attention to consistency because the quality of the braid will depend more on keeping each knot mostly the same tightness than the square knot braid. If they aren’t consistent enough then you’ll notice the spiral wont look that great.

As you keep repeating the somewhat mindless pattern you’ll see the spiral form quite quickly. This makes it more fun than the square knot pattern because you can watch it twist itself:


Keep going and enjoy watching the spiral hemp bracelet pattern form until you reach the length you want your bracelet (or necklace, of course if works the same) to be. It will look something like this:


Once it is the length you want then you can finish it with a bead clasp and start wearing it proudly and show off your spiral hemp bracelet to your friends, they may ask you to make some for them.

Thanks for reading about the spiral hemp bracelet pattern. As always, this pattern works for hemp necklaces as well. Again, I invite you to visit my hemp jewelry store for hemp jewelry and supplies.

Thanks for stopping by, see you at the next lesson!

Sam A. @ Hemparadise