Adding Beads to Your Hemp bracelet

Add Style to Your Hemp Bracelet by Including Beads What? You think that plain old hemp bracelets are boring and you want to add some beads to it? Alright, I’ll teach you how to add some beads to your hemp bracelet and give it a little more style. The nice thing about adding beads to […]


Hemp Seed Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts for 100 Grams of Hulled Hemp Seeds For those of you who are interested in some more detail about the health information of hemp seeds, here is the in depth nutrittion facts for hulled hemp seeds. It is based on a serving of 100 grams hulled seeds and the percentages are based on […]


Finishing Your Hemp Bracelet

How to Finish Your Hemp Bracelet and Add a Clasp Bead Previous Lesson: Basic Square Knot Braid   Congratulations, you are almost done with your first hemp bracelet! By now you must have mastered the basic square knot hemp bracelet pattern and you are ready to add the finishing touches and start wearing your new […]


Basic Square Knot Hemp Pattern

Hemp Bracelet Pattern no 1: The basic square knot hemp bracelet pattern   Previous Lesson: Starting a Hemp BraceletNext Lesson: Finishing your Hemp Bracelet   Here we are! The first actual braid pattern for your hemp bracelet. The square knot braid is the most basic hemp bracelet pattern which is also used most often. This […]


Starting a Hemp Bracelet

Hemp Bracelet Pattern: How to start a hemp bracelet or necklace Previous Lesson: Preparing Hemp Twine Next Lesson: Basic Square Knot Braid   Have you pick your hemp twine, cut it to size and are ready to make your hemp bracelet or necklace? Well, learning how to start a hemp bracelet is simply learning how […]


Preparing Your Hemp Twine

How to choose the hemp twine for your bracelet and cut it to the right size for your wrist. Next Lesson: Starting a Hemp Bracelet   Hi, and welcome to Hemparadise. If you are viewing this tutorial, chances are you are new to hemp jewelry and would like to learn how to make your own […]

Welcome to!!!

Hello! My name is Sam A. and I run This is an exciting site. It is soon to be the one stop location for everything you need to learn how to make your own hemp jewelry. Whether you are a beginner or have been making your own hemp necklaces for years, you are likely […]