Adding Beads to Your Hemp bracelet

Add Style to Your Hemp Bracelet by Including Beads

What? You think that plain old hemp bracelets are boring and you want to add some beads to it? Alright, I’ll teach you how to add some beads to your hemp bracelet and give it a little more style.

The nice thing about adding beads to your bracelet is that it works the same with any basic hemp braid. In this lesson, I’m using the basic square knot braid:


This should look familiar, if it doesn’t then head over to our square knot braid lesson.

Still here? Ok, let’s move on.

Plan Your Bracelet Ahead of Time

You really shouldn’t dive right in until you have put some thought towards how you want your beaded bracelet to look. If you are good at visualizing the way you want your hemp bracelet to look then good for you. If you need some inspiration then head over to the beaded bracelets and necklaces in our store, you’ll find some good ideas there.

Once you know what beads are going where on your bracelet then we can move on.

Start Your Bracelet

Nothing new here, just start your bracelet like you normally would. Continue to braid your hemp pattern of choice until you reach the point where you want your first bead. Continue to the next section.

Add Your First Bead

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for! Let’s add some beads to your bracelet.

1. Thread the bead

If you look at your bracelet so far you will see the two core strands of hemp. Take the first bead you want on your bracelet and thread the two core strands through the middle of it.


2. Tie a knot

Slide the bead you just threaded up the bracelet until it stops. Then, just below the bead, tie the next knot in the braid you started earlier.


3. Choose your own adventure:

Add more beads

Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you are satisfied your bead quantity and placement.



Continue braid until finished

If you are happy with your single bead then you can just continue with your original braid until you have reached the desired length.


Finish Your Bracelet

Finish up your bracelet however you like. If you don’t know how, you can learn how to finish it here.

Your beaded bracelet is now complete and ready to wear! Enjoy your new bracelet and make sure to come back when you are ready to make your next one.

Thanks as always!

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